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OMNI-V Thread Colour Card #1 of 2


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Made with the actual thread. Sold at our cost. 1st set of colours. #9002-#9061.OMNI-V is a beautiful, variegated polyester thread we have designed for quilting. OMNI-V is made from the same fibre composition as OMNI, but is dyed in variegated (multi) colours with a one inch colour change. OMNI-V is available on 2,000 yd. cones in over 70 colour blends.

Thread Weight: 40 wt. 2-ply
Fibre: Polyester
Thread Characteristics: Strong, corespun construction provides excellent stitchability
Additional Info: Matte finish provides excellent blending qualities
Variegated Colours: Precision-dyed one inch colour change intervals